Instagram Chic: Rihanna In ASSK

Rihanna wearing ASSK real tree crop top and skirt with Lynn Ban black diamond lace ringsLast night Rihanna partied at the VIP Room in New York City. While there she posed for a few pictures with other patrons so we got to see what she wore. Her top and skirt are from ASSK‘s Fall 2014 collection, which was inspired by survivalist culture. Both the crop top and skirt feature the Real Tree print that consists of tree branches and autumn leaves mixed in with things like pill bottles, sim cards and lighters. The brand’s name is also etched into the branches. ASSK was one of three startup labels selected for the VFILES Fall 2014 fashion show and she actually rocked one of their unisex long tees as a dress earlier this year. Here she also accessorised with several of Lynn Ban‘s new black diamond lace rings.