Rihanna Begins #R8 Era In Dior Couture

Rihanna in Paris wearing Dior Fall 2014 couture grey jumpsuit and blue glovesRihanna and her team held an event in Paris today that was dubbed the #R8 Experience on social media. Fans were asked to gather at the Trocodéro, which is near the Eiffel Tower, for a chance to film something with Rihanna. Rihanna was filmed running into a large group of her fans and later she sat atop a bodyguard’s shoulders as she savoured the adoration from those who had come to see her. It’s unclear what the video will be used for but it has certainly piqued the interests of fans worldwide who have been waiting impatiently for any news about the next album.

Rihanna in Dior Fall 2014 couture jumpsuit and blue glovesWhat I can tell you is that Rih’s outfit is from Christian Dior‘s Fall 2014 couture collection. This is Look 12, which was modelled by Kinga Rajzak on the runway. It consists of baby blue gloves and a light grey jumpsuit with metallic embroidery. The jumpsuit also has a front zip closure and several zips near the hips and on the sleeves. Of course, couture is not sold online so you will have to contact Dior if you are interested in purchasing.

images via rihanna diva