Rihanna’s Suede Nails

Rihanna's Original Sugar velvet manicure

Rihanna shared a pic recently of her “suede” manicure. This is better known as a velvet manicure and Kimmie Kyees used Original Sugar‘s Velveteen kit to create the look. This is one of the newest trends in nail art right now with many a polish lover coming up with unique ways to achieve it. Kimmie put a fresh spin on the mani by only applying it to the tips and creating a half moon at the nail base.

The process of creating this look is fairly simple: just paint your nails as usual, apply a matte top coat and while it’s still a bit wet dip your nails in the velvet product. Original Sugar’s Velveteen is available in 12 colours. Check out their official website for more info.

images via rihanna, original sugar