Rihanna Celebrates Kadooment Day at Barbados’ Crop Over Festival 2017

Rihanna with Lauren Austin Barbados Crop Over Kadooment Day 2017Rihanna hit the road once again for Barbados’ Kadooment Day Parade and she looked amazing as usual. If you missed my posts from 2013 and 2015, let me give you a little lesson on our culture. The annual Crop Over festival is a month-long event that celebrates all things Bajan. In the time of slavery, it marked the end of another sugar cane harvest and the slaves enjoyed a moment of fun. We still acknowledge the end of the harvest by crowning a King and Queen of the harvest but there is so much more to it now. Crop Over begins at the end of June/beginning of July (but honestly, we start partying from May) and there are a ton of cultural activities.

The Kadooment Day Parade always takes place on the first Monday in August and it marks the end of the Crop Over festival. Thousands of Bajans and other Caribbean people, Brits, Americans and whoever else wants to come hit the road together in brightly-coloured costumes. Everyone is divided into bands and each band has multiple sections. Rihanna “jumped” with Aura, a band started by her brother Rorrey last year. Designer Lauren Austin (that’s her above) was the brains behind today’s costume as well as Rih’s last two costumes. Now let’s take a look at it.

Rihanna Kadooment Day 2017 Barbados Crop Over Festival Aura costume and Dbleudazzled crystal fishnet tightsThis year’s costume comprised a crystal headpiece with feather detail and irridescent crystal-embellished shoulder pads, bikini, cuffs and shin straps. Wings with turqouise, green and pink feathers topped it off.

Rihanna Kadooment Day 2017 Barbados Crop Over Festival Aura costume and Dbleudazzled crystal fishnet tights, Puma sneakersIn this shot you can see the whole look. Update: Rihanna’s crystal tights were handmade by Dbleudazzled. Lynn Ban designed her hoop earrings and the headpiece. White Puma sneakers were a sensible choice in footwear since she was on her feet dancing all day.

Last updated August 12, 2017

images via lauren austin, rihanna