Close Up: Rihanna’s Favourite Chanel Bag

Rihanna carrying vintage oval-shaped Chanel 2.55 quilted handbag from the 1980s

For several months Rihanna has been seen everywhere with a Chanel bag slung over her shoulder. She takes it to dinner, to nightclubs or even just to run errands. This quilted handbag is known to fashionistas and Chanel lovers around the world as the 2.55. Mademoiselle Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel thought only of comfort when she originally created the handbag in 1929.

Always practical, she wanted relief from the handheld bags that were en vogue at that time. The design was inspired by the straps found on soldier’s bags and the chains that abbey caretakers wore around their waists. Coco updated the bag in February 1955, the date being the inspiration behind the bag’s name.

Rihanna's vintage Chanel 2.55 oval-shaped quilted handbag from the 1980s

Rihanna’s vintage bag was released in the 1980’s and has an oval shape while the original 2.55 is more rectangular. The bag is made of leather and features a leather and chain handle. It also bears the diamond quilting and famous interlocking C’s of the Chanel logo that are probably the most recognisable things about any 2.55.

A handbag like this is definitely a worthy investment. Decades later it is still highly coveted and appeals to all ages. Whether it’s vintage or brand new from the boutique, buy one not only to be #CCCertified – as Rihanna would say – but also because it is something that will last ‘forever’ and can be passed on to future generations.

If your current budget doesn’t allow for such an expensive handbag, check out these considerably cheaper options below:

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