Rihanna Says Blow Me In Shaun Samson

Rihanna wearing Rihanna for River Island hooded denim jacket, Shaun Samson white Blow Me boxer, Manolo Blahnik Chaos black ankle-strap sandal, Mala by Patty Rodriguez where you from necklaceRihanna continued to push the trend of underwear as ready-to-wear in New York City. She partied at the VIP Room in a bustier worn as a top and a boxer worn as shorts. Recently we’ve seen her in lingerie gowns worn as dresses but last night’s look was decidedly tomboy-ish. Rih toughened up her look with a hooded denim jacket from her previous collaboration with River Island. The limited edition Rihanna for River Island jacket was designed to mimic the layered look of a black hoodie underneath a dark wash snap button jean jacket.

Her shorts are actually Shaun Samson‘s Blow Me boxer. Girls have always borrowed boxers from the boys but few are as bold as Rihanna to rock them as shorts. The white boxer has a black waistband printed with the designer’s name and the text “#BLOW ME”. Her shoes are her best-loved Manolo Blahnik Chaos black patent, ankle-strap sandals.

She layered two necklaces last night – an estate diamond necklace from Kentshire and a MALA by Patty Rodriguez Where you from? necklace that says ‘Bridgetown’ – with a body chain. Her body chain was designed by Jacquie Aiche and comprises a gold chain accented with white diamonds.


images via rihanna-diva