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Designer Profile: Christian Louboutin

Designer Profile: Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin

This is the first in a series of posts titled Designer Profile, which take a look at some of Rihanna’s favourite designers. Since Rih’s been rocking plenty of Louboutins lately, I thought it would be fitting to start with her favourite shoe designer.

Christian Louboutin always wanted to design shoes. The Parisian designer began working at cabarets in his late teens. He assisted the showgirls at the famous Folies Bergère and Molin Rouge. Louboutin was very inspired by the femininity of the women and the spectacle of their costumes. Later, he became an assistant to the late French designer Roger Vivier. Although Vivier’s creativity greatly influenced Louboutin, he was still afraid to become a designer.

However, the death of his mother proved to be the catalyst that he needed. His mother had always been supportive of him in everything that he did. He used the knowledge that she would have wanted him to succeed to take the next step in his career.

He began designing shoes for famed fashion houses such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent before setting up his own company. Louboutin is credited with bringing back the stiletto to fashion. His now-famous shoes started out as a bit of a fashion secret. Just a few years ago only fashionistas craved the shoes with the red sole but now they are coveted by women across the world. When asked what’s his favourite shoe he replied, “the one I haven’t yet designed”.

Christian Louboutin shoes

His clients include Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Diane Von Furstenberg, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Beyoncé. Author Danielle Steel reportedly owns over 6,000 pairs of his shoes. Of course, Rihanna has been spotted in his designs many times. She’s had her shoes autographed by the man himself and tweeted a section of her ever growing collection of “Loubis”.

Rihanna's collection of Louboutin shoes

Most recently Rihanna was seen in a pair of Sea.nn Girl boots, which have not been released yet. The boots are part of Christian Louboutin’s 20th anniversary capsule collection. Mr. Louboutin has been travelling around the world visiting retail stores and boutiques and signing his shoes for lucky customers as part of the anniversary celebrations. Of course, any fan of the shoes must also get the book.

Christian Louboutin book

For more information on Christian Louboutin please visit his official website, facebook page and follow @LouboutinWorld on Twitter.

image credit: Christian Louboutin, Rihanna

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