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The Look For Less: Floral Bucket Hats

The Look For Less: Floral Bucket Hats

Rihanna wearing a floral bucket hat by Joyrich

Rihanna wearing a floral bucket hat by JoyrichRihanna has almost single-handedly made the bucket hat cool again. The bucket hat, which is a soft cotton hat with a wide, downward sloping brim, was traditionally worn by fishermen but eventually found it’s place in fashion. It was quite trendy in the ’90s but for the past few years the snapback cap (another ’90s favourite) has ruled supreme. Thanks to style icons and trendsetters like Rih the bucket hat is having another moment. In the past she’s rocked floral printed hats by Joyrich and Profound Aesthetic – all of which quickly sold out after she wore them. Here are four floral and tropical bucket hats inspired by the star’s love of the utilitarian headgear. And they are all stolen from the boys. I think Rihanna would approve.

floral printed bucket hats


  1. KBETHOS printed bucket hat ($14) – this one is a true steal and is available in 33 different prints
  2. Topman Hawian reversible bucket hat ($28)
  3. Premier Fits The Birds of Paradise bucket hat ($30)
  4. Profound Aesthetic floral bucket hat ($44)

image via rihanna-diva

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