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Rihanna Attends Moschino Party In Paris

Rihanna Attends Moschino Party In Paris

Rihanna wearing Silver Spoon Attire black cashmere cat ears beanie mask

Rihanna wearing Moschino Fall 2015 yellow fur coat, white bra top and blue lace-up boots, Silver Spoon Attire cashmere kitty ear beanie mask, Dior Diorama clutch, DYLANLEX silver ringsLast night Rihanna attended a party for the brand Moschino, which was held at the VIP Room in Paris. The event was hosted by Jeremy Scott who is the brand’s current creative director. And as such Rih was decked out in pieces from their Fall/Winter 2015 collection. These included the bright yellow fur coat from Look 10, a white bra top with the brand’s name printed across the band and a pair of lace-up boots in blue. The high-heeled boots kind of resemble Converse sneakers and you can take a good look at them in white below. Unfortunately, these items won’t be for sale until later in the year. The last time we saw Rihanna in Moschino, she sparkled in a coat from the Pre-Fall 2015 collection. Click here to revisit that post.

Rihanna wearing Silver Spoon Attire black cashmere cat ears beanie maskNow let’s talk about that adorable hat! This one is from Silver Spoon Attire‘s Fall/Winter 2015 collection and Rih is officially the first person to be seen wearing it. The black beanie is made of 100% cashmere and features cute kitty ears as well as large eye holes that allow the hat to double as a mask. Although you can’t purchase this hat yet, you can still visit their official webshop to take a look at the Spring 2015 selections. The singer also sported a metallic handbag by Dior. This is the Diorama clutch from the Pre-Fall 2015 collection that was staged in Tokyo last year. The bag boasts a quilted pattern, a chain handle and a tuck lock clasp. Contact Dior if you are interested in purchasing. Lastly, she rocked several silver rings by DYLANLEX. These oxidised silver rings included the Syd, the Fox and the Jett, which we saw Rihanna wear last year. Check out the purchasing links below and there’s a close-up photo of Rih wearing the rings in the gallery.


images via ultimate rihanna, instagram

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