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Rihanna’s Coffee Table Book is Finally Here!

Rihanna’s Coffee Table Book is Finally Here!

The Rihanna Book standard edition

The Rihanna Book standard editionRihanna first mentioned she wanted to release a coffee table book of photos at least four years ago. Back then she mentioned it would feature photos taken by her longtime best friend Melissa Forde as well as photos by Dennis Leupold. The photograhper has worked with the singer on everything from magazine shoots to ad campaigns. Each year fans continued to hope that the book would become a reality but it remained a myth until last month. Cardi B became the first person to own the Rihanna book at the annual Diamond Ball. She bid more than $100,000 on a special limited edition version. But don’t worry, even if you don’t have thousands to spend, you can still own a copy.

The Rihanna Book standard edition coverThere are four editions of the book available to pre-order right now on Published by Phaidon, the standard edition of the book, simply called “Rihanna”, costs $150 or £120. It’s a hardcover book with 504 pages, over 1,000 images and 11 special inserts. It’s also 12-5/8 x 16-1/2 inches and comes with a black carton that has a carrying handle. Those images include photos of Rihanna as a young child as well as many more taken over the last eight years of her career. She included some of her favourite shots that you may have already seen but there are also many never-before-seen snapshots of her glamorous life. You can also pre-order from Urban Outfitters, Barnes & Noble, Harvey Nichols and Amazon (I am an Amazon Associate so if you purchase via this link I will earn a commission.) The book will officially be available from October 24th.

The Rihanna Book limited edition Fenty x PhaidonAs mentioned earlier, there are multiple editions of the book. The three limited edition versions are currently only available through First is “Rihanna: Fenty x Phaidon,” which costs $175 or £140. The front and back covers feature black and white photos of Rihanna and the spine is rose gold-dyed metallic cloth instead of hot pink. All three limited editions come with a book stand designed by the Haas Brothers. The stand for this edition, titled “This Sh*t Is Heavy”, has two green hands with cutouts modelled after Rih’s own tattoos. It comes packaged in a black carton with a certificate of authenticity.

FYI: On this cover Rihanna wore Lionette‘s Andaman bracelet. She wore this piece a few times in 2013 including on a trip to Thailand.

The Rihanna book limited edition Luxury SupremeThe third edition is “Rihanna: Luxury Supreme” and it comes signed by both Rihanna and the Haas brothers. The twin artists created a gold table stand for this version that “Drippy + The Brain” and it features a matte black cover and no picture. Instead there is a laser-cut steel logo on the exterior. It’s also bigger at 19-3/4 x 25-7/8 inches and weighs a whopping 60lbs. The stand weighs the same. There are only 989 copies that are available to purchase upon request and you’ll have to cough up $6,350 or £5175 for this one.

The Rihanna book limited edition Ultra Luxury SupremeThe final and most luxurious edition is “Rihanna: Ultra Luxury Supreme.” There are just ten of these available. Actually, make that nine since Cardi B bought the first one at the Diamond Ball. Basically it’s the same signed, oversized book as the Luxury Supreme edition but it comes with a marble stand. Called “Stoner,” the stand is hand-carved in Portugal from a unique piece of marble. The book and the stand weigh about 2,000lbs altogether. According to the website, this edition is already sold out.

Last updated January 5, 2019

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