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Instagram Chic: Rihanna in The Marathon Clothing

Instagram Chic: Rihanna in The Marathon Clothing

Rihanna and Jahleel Weaver
Rihanna Crenshaw black hoodie The Marathon Clothing, John Hardy diamond modern chain necklace
Image via Rihanna

On February 11 Rihanna posted an Instagram Story with Jahleel Weaver, her stylist and creative director. Both rocked black sweatshirts and bright green lipstick. Apparently they were hanging out at the Fenty Corp office and playing around with the makeup there.

The Look

The Marathon Clothing Crenshaw black hoodie as seen on Rihanna

The mogul wore a cropped black hoodie by The Marathon Clothing. The top features the word “Crenshaw” on the front. This is the clothing line created by the late Nipsey Hussle and it’s inspired by his life growing up in Los Angeles.

John Hardy modern chain gold and diamond necklace as seen on Rihanna

She also donned an 18k yellow gold and and white diamond necklace by John Hardy. The modern chain necklace has a chevron pattern. She wore it a few times in 2019.

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