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DIY Lace Headband

DIY Lace Headband

Rihanna wearing Maison Michel lace hats

Rihanna wearing Maison Michel lace hatsRihanna is a big fan of Maison Michel. The millinery label is known for its very whimsical and unique pieces and is becoming quite the fashion blogger fave. Rihanna has worn their designs in magazine editorials and on days out with friends. As cute as these hats are they are not the most budget-friendly so here’s a solution for any Navy member on a budget. Honestly, WTF has a fairly simple tutorial on creating a Maison Michel/Mickey Mouse-inspired headband.

Maison Michel inspired headband by Honestly WTFClick here to check out the tutorial on Honestly, WTF. You’ll need some black lace, a headband, glue, needle and thread, a toothpick and some wire. I think it’d be easy enough to play around with the ear shape to achieve a different look. If you decide to try this out send me some pics!

images via the coveteur, honestly wtf

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