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Our Diamond – The Rihanna Drive Project

Our Diamond – The Rihanna Drive Project


Rihanna Drive project BarbadosThis is not a fashion post but it’s still very important. I’m a Barbadian and Rihanna is a huge influence in my life so I have to acknowledge this upcoming event. November 30th is Barbados’ Independence Day but in a way it will also be Rihanna Day. The superstar grew up on a tiny street in St. Michael called Westbury New Road and on Thursday it will be officially renamed “Rihanna Drive”. It is a small step in acknowledging everything Robyn Fenty did for this tiny island nation.

Westbury New Road, St. Michael, Barbados
Westbury New Road, St. Michael, Barbados
The event starts at 2:45pm local time (that’s 1:45pm EST) and Rihanna will be there along with her family and close friends, the Prime Minister of Barbados and other specially-invited guests. The ceremony includes presentations from her alma maters – Charles F. Broome and Combermere School – and other young local talent. Both Rihanna and the PM will give speeches. During the ceremony the mogul will receive an award for her role as Cultural Ambassador for Barbados. At the end there will be an unveiling of two of the three “Rihanna Drive” signs.

Rihanna's childhood home in Barbados
Rihanna’s childhood home in Barbados
But this is not just a celebration of Rihanna but also the neighbourhood that raised her. After the official ceremony ends there will be a block party just for the residents of the area. Rihanna sponsored this party herself and any true Rihanna Navy should be able to guess the Barbadian restaurant that is providing the food without me having to say it. (The answer is Chefette).

Rihanna, her management at Roc Nation and her brother Rorrey were included at every level of the planning of this event so that tells you how much she cares for this community. I mean, she literally named her record label Westbury Road Entertainment. The Rihanna Drive Project includes some personal touches by Rihanna, which you will see once everything is revealed.

I won’t say anything more right now but follow me on Twitter and Instagram for live updates from the event on Thursday. You can also follow along on live streams provided by local stations CBC and Starcom Network.

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