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Quarantine Couture: Rihanna in Fenty’s New Styles

Quarantine Couture: Rihanna in Fenty’s New Styles

Rihanna Fenty faux leather shirt pants and Parachute boots, black sunglasses and red durag
Image via Melissa Forde

Rihanna is currently safe in quarantine with her best friend Melissa Forde. Many people are in isolation right now and trying to find ways to fight off the boredom. Rih chose to stage a fashion shoot using pieces from Fenty‘s latest drop. This mini collection of faux leather pieces is actually part of the 2-20 drop but weren’t released until last week.

The Look

Fenty faux leather oversized shirt as seen on Rihanna

Rihanna rocked the oversized faux leather shirt in the colour “café latte.” The top features cutouts at the sides, engraved snap buttons and dark orange stitching.

Fenty faux leather baggy pants as seen on Rihanna

She paired it with the matching baggy pants. The pants feature the same dark orange stitching as well as side slits and flap pockets.

Fenty Parachute boots as seen on Rihanna

The metallic Parachute boots were the perfect match for this look. The pointed toe boots have a 4″ heel.

Rihanna’s black sunglasses are also Fenty. Look out for those in a future drop.

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