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Meet The Artist Behind Rihanna’s Catwoman Tee

Meet The Artist Behind Rihanna’s Catwoman Tee

Greg Guillemin

Rihanna wearing Greg Guillemin Catwoman pacifier boyfriend teeRihanna is a fashion icon because she’s so daring with her style choices and she’s never afraid to wear a t-shirt as a dress. Just a few nights ago she hit the town in a Catwoman tee, sandals and little else. I had a chance to talk to the Greg Guillemin, the talented artist behind the t-shirt and found out what he thinks about Rihanna wearing his creation, the ideas behind his art and more.
Greg GuilleminHaus of Rihanna: Where are you from? Tell us a little about your background?

Greg Guillemin: I am a frenchman living and working in Paris. I studied graphic design and worked in advertising for 20 years. I started working on my own art 5 years ago and got noticed for other series, but when I started the Secret Life of Heroes, success has been much bigger online.

HoR: You describe yourself as an “eclectic graphical gamer”. What does that mean?

GG: I am really playing around with pop characters when I am creating these artworks. It’s a game of teasing by putting them in usual situations. That’s my game in a nutshell.

Greg Guillemin Secret Life of Heroes art
HoR: Where did you get the idea for “The Secret Life of Heroes” series?

GG: I was looking for something sexy, some voyeurism in my work. I am a comic book geek and also a fan of Roy Lichtenstein’s work. Everything got mixed together with the twist around the mundane postures I put heroes in.

HoR: Were you surprised to see Rihanna wearing your art?

GG: Who is Rihanna again? Just kidding ;o))- Well, that’s really interesting seeing my paintings being repossessed by fashion. I hope she would like my art on her wall as much as on herself!

HoR: You already sell prints and t-shirts. What are your plans for the future?

GG: Prints and t-shirts are only half of my activities. It’s been two years since I started doing gallery shows all over the world, and I am only starting to get noticed in the art world for that matter. I also published an art book on Kickstarter last February that has been a wonderful experience too.

You can purchase Rihanna’s t-shirt here and check out M. Gullemin’s work here.

images courtesy yves jose malgorn, greg guillemin, rihanna diva

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