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Rihanna x Jacquie Aiche Temporary Tattoo Collaboration

Rihanna x Jacquie Aiche Temporary Tattoo Collaboration

Rihanna x Jacquie Aiche temporary flash tattoos

Rihanna x Jacquie Aiche temporary flash tattoosRihanna and jewellery designer Jacquie Aiche have partnered for a collection of temporary tattoos. Aiche has been one of the pop star’s go-to accessory designers for years and she’s worn JA jewellery in magazines, to Coachella, to New York Fashion Week shows, and innumerable other places. So it’s no surprise that they have finally teamed up for an affordable collection that will appeal to everyone.

Rihanna x Jacquie Aiche temporary flash tattoosThese types of tattoos, which are also known as flash tattoos, have become wildly popular within the last two years and are ubiquitous at music festivals worldwide. The metallic gold and black tattoos (each $27 for a pack, 7 sheets in a pack) that are part of the Rihanna x Jacquie Aiche collaboration are heavily influenced by the singer’s trendsetting style. There are pieces that express her love of chokers (Rih’s favourite type of jewellery for those who aren’t in the know) and her famous henna and maori-inspired hand piece.

Rihanna x Jacquie Aiche temporary flash tattoosThere are even gothic letters that can be used to create nameplate necklaces or knuckle tats such as Rihanna’s short-lived "Thug Life" white ink tattoo.

Jacquie Aiche spoke to Haus of Rihanna about the collaboration and how the Barbadian has inspired her over the years.

How did the Jacquie Aiche + Rihanna collaboration come about?

While on her vacation, Rihanna felt that removable tattoos was the next adventure she wanted to share with all her fans. She approached me with the idea and of course, I was flattered.

How involved was Rihanna in the process?

Rihanna wanted to share her vision with all of her fans and being able to create removable tattoos was ​an ​exciting ​adventure. It was the best of both worlds, her tattoos with​ the essence of​ my jewelry was ​perfect for her fans to enjoy.

Rihanna has been wearing your jewelry for a few years now. How did the two of you first connect?

We connected through a mutual friend​. ​I​t’s been a delight ever since to create jewels for her.

You site “badgalriri” as a muse. What do you find is inspiring about her?

She’s a feminine bad girl​….​
I can relate to​ that​ very well​.​
Rihanna has qualities that every girl can relate to.

Your jewelry is so beautiful and delicate. How did you become a jewelry designer?

Making women feel special​ has always been ​a part of my character. And being able to share my energy through jewels has been such a wonderful experience.


images courtesy jacquie aiche

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