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Meet & Greet Style

Meet & Greet Style

Rihanna posing with a fan

Since there hasn’t been a major Rihanna sighting in a while I thought I’d take a look at some of the items she’s worn during meet and greets with her fans. Usually Rihanna wears a hoodie or t-shirt from her own merchandise collection but not always. Take a look at her backstage style.

Rihanna in graphic t-shirt from Zara

The fashion world rejoiced when Zara finally launched online shopping and with good reason. Visit their site for other cool graphic tees.

Rihanna in A.L.C Paloma slub-jersey maxi dress

Rihanna seems to love her Paloma maxi dress from A.L.C as she’s worn it on another occasion.

Rihanna in Alexander Wang mink collar aviator jacket

She loves her Alexander Wang aviator tailcoat even more. Check out my original post on it here.

Rihanna in green jumpsuit by California Christiania Republic

This olive green jumpsuit is another favourite of Rihanna’s. This CCR jumpsuit is available for $149.00.

Rihanna in Krma t-shirt

This code of silence 1973 Drop Tee is from KRMA by Nicholas Bowes. Visit the official website to learn more about this awesome line.

Look out for another post tomorrow with even more meet and greet fashion!

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