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Met Gala Beauty

Met Gala Beauty

Rihanna wearing OPI Taupe-less Beauty Polish at the Met Gala

Rihanna wearing OPI Taupe-less Beauty Polish at the Met GalaEveryone’s still talking about Rihanna’s appearance at Monday’s Costume Institute Gala. Her “white hot” Stella McCartney outfit landed on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily and she was named one of the best dressed celebrities at the event by many publications. You can revisit that outfit post here. But an amazing outfit needs amazing hair, makeup and nails.

That perfectly curly updo was the brainchild of Yusef Williams and Mylah Morales was responsible for makeup. Mylah spoke to about the beauty products she used on Rihanna to create that flawless face. Mylah prepped her face with two products from VBeauté – the Buying Time Everyday Crème face moisturiser, which calms your skin and prevents wrinkles, and the Undercover Agent anti-wrinkle serum that provides intense hydration along with other benefits for your skin. Of course, MAC was involved in some way. Mylah used MAC’s Cream Colour Base in Shell to highlight and the Pro Longwear Eye Liner in Definedly Black to accentuate her eyes.

Maria Salandra is Rihanna’s New York-based manicurist and she used a colour from OPI‘s Spring/Summer 2014 Brazil collection called Taupe-less Beach. Maria almost always uses gel colour on Rihanna but if gel isn’t your thing I’ve linked to both the regular polish and the gel colour below. Visit The PolishAholic for a review of the entire collection.


image via rihanna-diva

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