Rihanna Rocks Namilia Velour Jacket

Rihanna Namilia red velour jacket Nicky, Vetements black shearling leather jacket, Balmain jeans, Timberland boots, Louis Vuitton Twisted Box handbag, Le Specs Wild Child sunglasses, Jacquie Aiche Hanalei and cameo ringsToday photographers spotted Rihanna out and about New York City. Rih shows lots of support to emerging designers and she’s a big fan of the VFILES fashion show, which highlights some of the best young talent. Today’s look included a VFILES alum.

Rih wore the red velour Nicky jacket (pictured above in blue) by Namilia. Founded by Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl, the brand is very bold and provocative. They were a memorable part of the VFILES Spring/Summer 2016 show. Namilia’s logo is all over this motorcycle jacket along with the phrase “feel the heat” down the sleeves. Purchase the blue version from their website (€170). Over that she wore her favourite Vetements shearling-lined leather jacket that has a buckle collar.

The jeans are quite a throwback. These are Balmain men’s jeans that she’s had for a few years. She last wore them in Paris in early Los Angeles in 2014. The boots are super recognisable. Timberland‘s classic work boot actually served as inspiration for Rihanna’s new Manolo Blahnik collection. Get a pair of the waterproof suede nubuck boots from Zappos for $170. She also carried Louis Vuitton‘s Twisted Box handbag. Designed in collaboration with architect Frank Gehry, it has a curved shape inspired by his work.

Her sunglasses are Le SpecsWild Child ($79). The matte black sunglasses have smoky lenses and a zigzag top bar. Jacquie Aiche designed three of her rings. These are the unreleased Hanalei ring and two cameo rings. Several different cameo rings are available to shop now on Aiche’s website. Update: Jennifer Fisher custom made the giant hoop earrings just for Rihanna and these are called the Robyn hoops. Robyn is Rihanna’s first name for those who don’t know.