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Behind The Scenes With Fenty

Behind The Scenes With Fenty

Rihanna fenty pinstripe jacket
Rihanna pinstripe navy jacket Fenty
Image via Fenty

Fenty continues to publish behind-the-scenes photos and video of Rihanna on set and in deisign and production meetings. Let’s get into two of the pics posted on their Instagram account last month.

Fenty Pinstripe padded jacket as seen on Rihanna

Above Rihanna checks the fit on a model while wearing the maison’s pinstripe padded jacket. The navy blue jacket features an oversize fit, a bright orange lining and bomber-inspired cuffs.

Rihanna garter hoodie Fenty
Image via Fenty

Here Rihanna takes a look at the branded soles for Fenty’s very popular shoes.

She wore this black hoodie. Inspired by garter belts, it has a front cutout which mimics that look. It also has side cutouts, elongated sleeves and a drawstring hood.

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