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ANTI World Tour: Rihanna Meets Fans, Part III

ANTI World Tour: Rihanna Meets Fans, Part III

Rihanna Fenty x Puma Fall 2016 grey lace-up hoodie, sweatpants and boots

Even though there are no official meet and greet packages for the ANTI World Tour, Rihanna has been meeting up with fans backstage. Sometimes she handpicks them from the front row, other times she meets with fans she’s been familiar with for a long time. These impromptu M&Gs seemed to have decreased recently so we’ve only got three outfits to cover in this roundup. Click through the AWT Meet & Greets tag if you missed the previous posts.

Rihanna Fallon Monarch hair pins, Princess Diana vintage t-shirt, Rihanna x Manolol 9 to 5 denim chap bootsNewark, New Jersey welcomed Rihanna on April 2nd and if you’ve been keeping up to date with the blog then you should recognise what she wore. You can view the original post here.

The singer rocked some of Fallon‘s unreleased Monarch hair pins. She was the first to wear the brand new products to Black Girls Rock earlier this month. Here I’ve included a photo of the chic, crystal-embellished hair pins in gold but they come in different colours and shapes. Follow @fallonjewelry on Instagram to find out when you can order some. Rih also wore a vintage Bay Club t-shirt that was created in 1997 after Princess Diana’s untimely death. It features a photo of the beloved princess on the front and photos of her kids on the back. Rihanna had a hand in designing the denim chap boots with Manolo Blahnik for their upcoming Denim Desserts capsule collection. Click here to check out a video of model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley dancing around in the bold boots.

Rihanna Fenty x Puma Fall 2016 grey lace-up hoodie, sweatpants and bootsThe next night Rihanna took the tour to Philadephia and backstage she hung out with her favourite paparazzi (yeah, she loves the guys from 247paps) and a group of dedicated fans. This should be another familiar outfit since Rih was photographed outside her apartment that day. Click here for the original post or scroll down for a brief sumamry.

Rih donned some pieces she designed for Fenty x Puma‘s Fall 2016 collection. On the runway the lace-up hoodie was presented in white and black. It boasts elongated sleeves and striped detail. Her pants don’t have the lacing from the runway, just a simple black stripe down the sides that matches the hoodie. She also wore a pair of black boots from the collection. Her jewellery included a sapphire and diamond necklace by Le Vian worth a whopping $60,000.

Rihanna Fenty x Puma Fall 2016 graphic lace-up sweatshirt The ANTI World Tour stopped in Montreal on April 6th and 7th and there was an adorable young fan dressed like Rihanna from the ANTI photo shoot. Here Rih wore what seems to be her favourite piece from Fenty x Puma Fall 2016.

Fenty x Puma Fall 2016 - Look 30It’s an oversized graphic sweatshirt with lace-up detail on the front, a Gothic number thirteen on one sleeve and a giant Puma logo in Gothic letters on the back. The collection will hit stores in September so get your coins ready.

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