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Rihanna Receives Adidas Football Boots

Rihanna Receives Adidas Football Boots

Rihanna's adidas by Snoop Lion football boots

Rihanna's adidas by Snoop Lion football bootsThe World Cup continued this weekend with round of 16 matches played between Brazil/Chile and Columbia/Uruguay. Like the rest of the world adidas noticed Rihanna’s participation and sent her a pair of limited edition football boots. She thanked the athletic brand on Twitter while sharing a pic of her new shoes. Here’s a little info on them.

These football boots were designed in collaboration with rapper Snoop Dogg, who adopted the persona Snoop Lion a few years ago as he began to dabble in reggae music. The adidas x Snoop Lion shoes are based on the Adizero 5-star design, which claims to be the lightest, most effective football boot in history while maintaining durability. The boots feature a graphic of a roaring white-eyed lion on the back half and a gold fang jewel on the laces. The boots were launched on June 27 and are exclusively available at Undefeated in Los Angeles. Purchasing info is listed below (only a few sizes left) but if football isn’t your thing, why don’t you visit to see what else they have to offer.


image via twitter/rihanna

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