Rihanna In Amsterdam Wearing Silver Spoon Attire

Rihanna in Silver Spoon Attire pink mesh bow beanie and cameo mermaid sweatshirt, Topshop denim overalls, Converse black high-top sneakers, Tom Binns crystal and gold shark tooth necklaceRihanna is now in Amsterdam and judging by her Instagram pics she and her friends are having lots of fun. Just yesterday Rihanna debuted Silver Spoon Attire’s newest tee and this latest outfit includes two more unreleased items from the UK brand – their pink mesh bow beanie and a cameo sweatshirt. Here’s what else she wore:

Where: Amsterdam

When: June 22, 2013


Update: Her necklace is Mona Mara‘s London City skyline necklace. Get it here for £58.00. Later that night she was spotted carrying Blood Brother’s Dante jacket that reads “Never Alone”. Click here to get a t-shirt from that same collection for £35.00.

images via rihanna-diva