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Rihanna Is The Newest Stance Punk And Poet

Rihanna Is The Newest Stance Punk And Poet

Rihanna Stance ad campaign

Rihanna Stance ad campaignA few months ago Rihanna hinted that she would be working with Stance and today it became official! The campaign image above was released today and it was styled by Mel Ottenberg. According to Vogue, Rihanna is the designer sock brand’s new contributing creative director. She also holds the title of Punk and Poet, which is Stance’s special way of describing a spokesperson. This partnership doesn’t come out of the blue since Rih has been a fan of the brand for several years. Just click through the Stance tag to see a few of the times she’s rocked a pair of their cool socks.

Candy Harris, vice president of the women’s division at Stance, had this to say about the collaboration.

She’s one of the few women in fashion whose style can go from street to couture in the blink of an eye. I know a lot of people are probably saying ‘Why socks?’ And that’s really the beauty of it and that’s why Rihanna’s perfect, because she’s constantly innovating and looking to see what’s next. Socks are not really a trend; they’re a fashion staple.”

Rihanna Stance Murder Rih Wrote socksAs part of the deal Rihanna will design collections for Stance over the next few years, beginning with eighteen styles in September and another drop in November. But to celebrate the announcement, two pairs of socks have been released today titled Murder Rih Wrote. People have been referencing the TV show Murder She Wrote but I can only think of the Chaka Demus and Pliers song of the same name and since Rih is an island girl I’m sure this was her inspiration.

The limited edition numbered socks come in two styles – regular (for men and women) and over-the-knee. The black, white and red socks feature a newsprint pattern with several graphics and words mixed in like the phrase “Bad Gal”. Visit Rihanna’s page on to learn more and to shop the limited collection.

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